Ever wanted to reach out to those who don't know as much as you. Well twinning is your perfect solution.

With our unique twinning program, you can build and develop a friendship like a sister/brother with your twin and learn about their Culture. We have 2 communities with children waiting for your friendship. One community is based in Belarus, a small country bordered by Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Poland. In Belarus religious repression created generations of jews who are having to re-learn their Judaism and have little or no knowledge of religious practices. Things like lighting Shabbat candles, Seder night, eating matzah at pesach are all traditional rituals they are having to learn. Our other community is based in Ukraine. This community is more advanced than the Belarus community, but they remain eager to learn more. They thirst for more knowledge, and what better source of knowledge than from another Jew based in the UK.

It can be very hard for young people in this circumstance to access the resources they need in order for them to learn more about their religion. Having been isolated by years of religious repression, it is easy for these children to feel excluded from Jewish life.

Twinning ensures that these children have access to essential resources like Judaica, books and lessons via Skype, so they can all have the chance to learn about traditional Jewish values, ceremonies, symbols and prayers.

Here's how it works:
You tell us which country you would like to twin with. We contact that community and find a suitable twin. We send you information and a profile and photo of your twin. We will provide you with details how to communicate with your twin.

You can get to know your twin via letters, phone, Skype and, even visits. In this way we hope that twinning can be a supportive and nurturing experience for all the children involved, who gain a huge amount from sharing their lives and experiences and making a new friend. We have access to people, within the communities, who can act as translators.

There is a notional cost to join the program. This can be met through a one off donation by the family, but many children like to raise the money themselves through sponsored and other events. It's a great way to learn about Tzedakah and children feel a real sense of achievement.

Twinning makes a huge difference to the Jewish experience of children in these communities and they are extremely proud of their heritage and Jewish identity.

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