Welcome to Evolve

Born in summer 2012, and now into our 4th year, we remain as committed as ever to reach those who need our support.

Our mission "helping communities help themselves" has already been felt in the community of Polotsk, Belarus, and continues to be felt in Minsk, Belarus and Mukachevo, Ukraine We have also been given contacts in Kosice and Hungary, with whom we are discussing how Evolve can help.

On the ground our results can be seen as the community is rekindling forgotten traditions, teaching the young and forging relationships between the young and the old.

2016 saw Evolve run its 2nd summer camp in August 2016. Camp ran for 6 days, with 55 children daily, 40 sleeping over and 15 as day campers. Run by 8 UK leaders, 2 Ukrianian and 4 Belarussian’s, children participated in activities ranging sport to arts and crafts to English lessons. Such is the success that we are in returning in August 2017 with an enlarged camp, 8 days and 85 children attending. We are also introducing a training program, whereby local Ukrainian youth will be invited to be Junior Leaders on camp, developing leadership and training skills, to hopefully be future leaders of camp. Thank you to all leaders in 2016 who made camp such a success.

"Evolve is pleased to provide its first newsletter, detailing the exciting work we are involved with. To download your copy please click here

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